Custom Wood Pallets & Skids

Custom Wood Pallets

At Timber Creek, we have a variety of pallets for sale. If you’re looking for custom wood pallets, softwood pallets, hardwood pallets, heat-treated pallets, or used pallets, we can help. We stock wholesale wood pallets for sale, or wood pallets can be manufactured to any specification and quantity desired.  Our skids and wood pallets for sale can be manufactured to any specification and quantity desired so we can help you buy pallets that meet your specific needs – from size and quantity to the specific material you require. And we can help assure your product gets where it’s going, whether you’re shipping your product on our wood pallets domestically or internationally. If you were wondering where to buy pallets, you’ve found the right place.


Custom wood pallets of any dimension available including:

  • 2-Way Pallets
  • 4-Way Pallets
  • Block Pallets
  • Canning/Can Pallets
  • Disposable Pallets
  • Distribution/Shipping Pallets
  • Drilled Pallets
  • Drum Pallets
  • Dust-Free Pallets
  • Equipment Pallets
  • Euro Pallets
  • Expendable Pallets
  • Flush Pallets
  • Grocery Pallets
  • Half Pallets
  • Hardwood Pallets
  • Heat Treated (HT) Pallets for Export
  • Heavy-Duty Pallets
  • Light-Duty Pallets
  • Notched Pallets (for Banding)
  • Painted Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Returnable Pallets
  • Reusable Pallets
  • Softwood Pallets
  • Solid Top Pallets
  • OSB Pallets
  • Plywood Pallets
  • Standard 48×40 Pallets
  • Stenciled Pallets
  • Stock Pallets
  • Used Pallets
  • Wing Pallets

Contact a Timber Creek packaging design engineer about your custom wood pallet needs. 



Timber Creek Resource continues to grow and improve, year over year. Our goal is to become a world-class leader in the wood packaging industry. Companies formerly known as Larkin Lumber, Wetterau Wood Products, MGD Industrial Lumber, Wetenkamp Pallet, Caswell Lumber, JK Jordan Industrial Lumber, and Oak Creek Wood Products make up what is now known as Timber Creek Resource. Timber Creek Resource is a supplier of hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, wood packaging, and shipping products. These wood packaging products include custom wood pallets, custom wood crates, plastic pallets, stock wood crates, and wood boxes for domestic or international packaging. With ten full-time packaging design engineers, our company’s specialty is in the engineering of custom wood boxes, crates, and crate packaging.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are one of the largest industrial lumber and custom wood packaging wholesalers in the Midwest, with 11 locations regularly servicing customers throughout the country.