Plastic Pallets

At Timber Creek, we offer a variety of pallets for sale. We distribute heavy-duty and light-duty plastic pallets as a cost-effective alternative to our manufactured wood pallets. Plastic pallets are lightweight, insect resistant, fungus resistant, exempt from ISPM 15 export regulations, and made from 100% recycled plastic. Plus, one-way plastic pallets can help save you a little money and are 100% recyclable. If you were wondering where to buy pallets, you’re in the right place. No matter what your needs, we have just the right pallets for sale.

Heavy-duty plastic pallet

Heavy Duty Plastic PalletOur heavy-duty plastic pallet is a standard 48×40 open/grid-top plastic pallet. It can hold up to 3100 lbs., if being moved on a fork (dynamic load), or as much as 8800 lbs., if the material is just being stored on the plastic pallet and remains stationary (static load).

With 4-way entry, this plastic pallet can be accessed from all four sides and has 9 feet for support. Pallet weight is 22 lbs. and has a nesting height of only 1.9 inches. Heavy-Duty plastic pallets stack 53 high and can fit 1590 to a truckload.

Light-duty plastic pallet

Light Duty Plastic PalletOur light-duty plastic pallet is a standard 48×40 open/grid-top plastic pallet. It can hold up to 2200 lbs., while being moved on a lift (dynamic), or as much as 3500 lbs., if material is simply placed on the pallet and not moved or lifted (static load).

This plastic pallet has 4-way entry so it can be accessed by a pallet-jack, hand-truck, or forklift on all four sides. Pallet weight is only 12 lbs. and has a nesting height of only 1.5 inches. Light-duty plastic pallets stack 78 high and can fit 2340 to a truckload.

It’s commonly used in the grocery and pharmaceutical industries, but it can be used as a lightweight disposable pallet in, literally, any industry. The pallet has 9 feet for support and product/material weight should be evenly distributed across all the feet on this plastic pallet for maximum load support.


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